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Nada Chebib

“Amazing photos Das captures for us! They were beautifully edited and loved all of them he took! Thank you so much.

About me


I am a Professional Photographer specialising in Fashion and a Cinematographer with over a decade of experience.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and I travel nationwide. Photography was my hobby turned into a profession. Needless to say, capturing moments is my passion. I also love creating videos and art. I enjoy meeting people from various walks of life and creating beautiful crafts through my lens to bring every possible story of life. 

A session with me usually involves a fun-filled day, creating some stunning, thought-provoking images. It delights me when the pictures are able to evoke strong feelings and emotions from the viewers. 

My philosophy is simple, "Capture every moment of life through your lens because time passes by, but our old memories only stay alive in those framed pictures. Photography is the only power in the world to keep your memories alive". 



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Let's talk

Das thanks you for your interest in his Photography. Please note that dates are booked, sometimes, months in advance, so an early contact would be advantageous.


Tel: (+61) 452464066


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