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with Guest Instructor LOURDES P

(+20yrs Fashion Design Professional & Model)

A portfolio-building workshop involving 10 photographers and 10 models offers a dynamic platform for mutual learning and collaboration. Here's a brief outline of what such a workshop might entail:

1. Introduction and Networking: The workshop kicks off with introductions where photographers and models get to know each other. This sets the tone for collaboration and establishes a comfortable atmosphere for the creative process.

2. Workshop Goals and Expectations: Understand the basics and upskill to the intermediate level. Understand beyond the rule of thirds. Basic lighting setups. Communications between Photographers & Models. Emphasizing the importance of constructive feedback, learning, and building strong portfolios for both photographers and models.

3. Collaborative Photoshoots: Participants are paired up, with each photographer working with a model. They brainstorm ideas, select locations, props, and wardrobe, and execute photoshoots based on each other's preferences and styles.

4. Feedback and Review Sessions: After each photoshoot, participants gather to review the images captured. This step helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. They offer feedback on composition, lighting, posing, and overall effectiveness in conveying the intended message or mood.

5. Editing and Post-Processing: Photographers edit and post-process the selected images from the photoshoots, refining them to achieve the desired aesthetic. Models may also provide input on image selection and editing to ensure their portfolio reflects their versatility and personality.

6. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: The workshop concludes with networking opportunities for participants to connect, exchange contact information, and explore potential collaborations beyond the workshop.

Such a portfolio-building workshop fosters creativity, skill development, and collaboration among photographers and models, ultimately helping them enhance their portfolios and advance their careers in the industry.

Photographers, what should you bring?

  • Your DSLR or Mirrorless camera (all brands welcome!) Don't forget to charge your batteries and bring spares

  • Memory card so you can keep your photos at the end of the workshop

  • Any camera accessories you may have – i.e: tripod, lens hood, etc

  • Notebook for notes (if required)


Please meet 15 minutes before the workshop

Models, what should you bring?

  • 3 x Different Style of outfits (1. Skinny Fit Black Top & Pant. 2. Swimsuit/Bikini & 3. Choice of yours)

  • One pair of Heels & One pair of Boots/Runners/Sneakers

  • Light Make Up

  • Notebook for notes (if required)


Please meet 15 minutes before the workshop

Photographers, what will you get?

  • Build your Portfolios with multiple Models

  • Storytelling techniques

  • Workflow techniques & pro tips

  • Understanding Colour pallets

  • Learn to communicate & direct Models

  • Networking Opportunity

  • Cheatsheets & Printables

  • Complimentary Refreshments

Models, what will you get?

  • Get your Portfolios done with multiple style Photographers

  • 5 x Signature style Portfolios by Me (Sayantan Creative Studio)

  • Posing Guide

  • Learn to communicate & deliver Photographers

  • Understanding Outfits and Colour pallets

  • Networking Opportunity

  • Cheatsheets & Printables

  • Complimentary Refreshments


  • Kindly provide each Model with a minimum of 5 digital

  • Please be respectful to all the attendees


  • Each Model will receive a min of 5 digitals from each photographer

  • Please do not request the Photographers for Raw Images.

  • Please be respectful to all the attendees

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